Masters associated with the Institute within the framework of the University of Paris-Saclay :


  • Master Génie Civil, Option Matériaux & Ingénierie des Structures (MAISES) [M2] : This master’s degree aims to develop scientific autonomy in the field of Civil Engineering with an opening on the environmental implications. Expertise and continuity of knowledge from the material (cement or other) to the structure is thus developed through training supported by the research. The behaviour of civil engineering materials (concrete, soils,…) and structures under extreme conditions exceeding regulatory requirements is particularly studied. The fine modelling and coupling of the numerical and experimental approach are at the heart of the training and are based on the research performed at the institutions involved in this program.


  • Master Génie Civil, Option GO2 [M2] : This master’s degree aims to to train specialists in the understanding and modelling of complex phenomena associated with materials (soils, rocks, concretes,…) and civil engineering structures taking into account their interaction with the environment by providing a solid foundation in mechanics, physics and numerical modelling.


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