Sunday, April 22nd: Arrival at the IGESA center in the evening

See the web page “Venue” to know how to go to the IGESA center

Monday, April 23rd: Seismic Hazard and Seismic waves in soil

Overview of the global training course

Geological and seismological data & models to assess seismic hazard

Overview of the Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment towards engineering users’ needs :

 – Synthetics accelerogramms using engineering tools 

 – Generation of ground-motion time series using Empirical Green’s Functions (EGFs) and complex source modeling 

Seismic waves propagation in soil

Welcome Drink


Tuesday, April 24th: Site effects, Civil Engineering and Components

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Structural dynamic basics

Analysis and Design methods

Nonlinear structural modelling in earthquake engineering: continuous, homogenized and enhanced approaches


Wednesday, April 25th: Vulnerability & Free afternoon

Soil and Structure Interaction (SSI)

Vulnerability assessment – Fragility curves

Conference – Y. FUKUSHIMA from the IAEA

Free afternoon: A choice of activities will be soon proposed


Thursday, April 26th: Specialized modules

Each participant will have to choose a module in the list below:

Seismic hazard: Deterministic/Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment, Ground motion prediction (empirical/numerical)

Geophysical Characterization of Sites And Experimental Approaches for Structures

Non-linear response of structures and equipment – Reduction of vulnerability

Probabilistic methods – Propagation of uncertainties – Risk analysis

Non-linear interactions between soil and structures


Friday, April 27th: Seismic Risk Assessment & Conclusion

Conference – V. DE VILLE from Bureau Greisch

Risk Analysis: synthesis of modules

Departure in the afternoon

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