Repository webpage of the ARGONET datasets

Through this page, you can download the event datasets built with the acceleration recordings during the period of July 2015 to June 2019.The datasets will be updated at least once per year.

This repository web page is associated to the paper:

Theodoulidis N. Hollender F., Mariscal A., Moiriat D., Bard P-Y., Konidaris A., Cushing M., Konstantinidou K., and Roumelioti Z. (2018).The ARGONET (Greece) Seismic Observatory: An Accelerometric Vertical Array and its Data, Seism. Res. Letters [Accepted for publication. Link to the paper will be included as soon as the paper will be published].

Please, have a look at the above papers before downloading data and citing them in your own research if you are using the corresponding data. Complementary information about the database (e.g. description of proposed format) will be found here soon.

[flatfile.xlsx] [flatfile.dat] [data in ASC format] [data in SAC format] [data in Matlab format] [SNR Plots] [Check Events Plots] [Signals Plots]   

Notice: If the downloading of the following files takes too long, you can find the same data on these two other websites:

For further information, please contact fabrice.hollender [at] or ntheo [at]