About us

Inaugurated the 19th of December 2012 in the framework of the Paris -Saclay major project , the SEISM Institute is a scientific interest group created by the CEA , EDF, Ecole Centrale Paris , L’ Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan and CNRS. The institute’s mission is to bring together the expertise of the different partners in seismic risk, and aims to become a center of international reference in the field. More

Member of Institute SEISM



The aim of the Institute is to work on each link in the chain of seismic risk, and to engage researchers from different disciplines.



To conduct its research, SEISM institute relies on collaborative projects mounted in the framework calls for national and international offers. These projects involve the members of the Institute, as well as external partners at the Institute.



Apart from its research activities, SEISM Institute promotes and is involved in educational program on Earthquake Engineering.