Séminaire de Andrea Riano Escandon (CentraleSupélec)

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Séminaire de Andrea Riano Escandon (CentraleSupélec)

5 02 2020 @ 10 h 00 min - 12 h 00 min

L’Institut SEISM Paris-Saclay vous propose le séminaire scientifique suivant pour le 5 février 2020

« 3D physics-based large-scale earthquake simulations for seismic risk assessment: The case of Bogotá, Colombia »

par Andrea Riano Escandon, Post-doc à CentraleSupélec


Mercredi 5 février 2020 à 10h à CentraleSupélec, amphi IV bâtiment Eiffel



The basin beneath the greater metropolitan area of Bogotá, Colombia, consists of soft material deposits with values of shear wave velocity Vs ≤ 400 m/s that reach depths up to 425 m. Located on a high plateau in the eastern cordillera of the Colombian Andes, this highly populated urban area is subject to significant seismic hazard from local and regional fault systems. The potential ground motion amplification effects during earthquakes due to the presence of these deposits, as well as the effects of the surface and sub-surface topography, constitute problems of great importance towards better understanding and estimation of the seismic risk of the city. Given the scarcity of seismic data from large magnitude events, and in an effort to advance modern seismic hazard mapping for the region, this project aims to develop a physics-based framework to generate ground synthetic records that can help to better understand the basin and other amplification effects during strong earthquake shaking in the region, and thus incorporate these effects into the estimation of seismic risk. In this study, a set of simulations are first conducted on Hercules, the wave propagation octree-based finite element simulator developed by the Quake Group at Carnegie Mellon University, to reproduce similar conditions to those observed in Bogotá during past seismic events (e.g. 2008 Quetame earthquake) and to identify the impacts of hypothetical strong earthquakes scenarios. Then, the results from these simulations are integrated into a new software package to post-processing and assessing the seismic risk in the Bogotá region for different scenarios selected.

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Amphi IV batiment Eiffel de CentraleSupélec
8/10 Rue Joliot-Curie
91190 Gir-Sur-Yvette





Date :
5 02 2020
Heure :
10 h 00 min - 12 h 00 min
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CentraleSupélec, Amphi IV, Bâtiment Eiffel
8/10 Rue Joliot-Curie
Gif-Sur-Yvette, 91190 France
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